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Where can you find the auto industry’s best sales and marketing leaders, and the freshest ideas all together, under one roof? Only at DealerTalkX: Digital Collision! Join us and invigorate your digital marketing strategy with inspired conversations about the most creative, must-do trends for today and tomorrow.
  1. DealerTalkX 2016: Digital Collision

    There’s so many new things at DealerTalkX 2016 we wanted to make sure you found them all in one place! Here’s everything that’s new and what you can look forward to this Fall:

  2. Welcome to the new

    Haven’t the last four years been amazing? Together, we’ve watched digital advertising and marketing in the automotive industry take huge leaps and bounds. Engaging with car shopping Canadians has never been so easy and so difficult to achieve.

  3. Learn Something And Have Fun

    There are many people in the car industry who say that they understand digital. That they are in fact up with the times, and can reach out to their customers through channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, PPC campaigns and other digital channels.

  4. Dealership Marketing Roast – The Hard Truth!

    Let’s face it; as far as used car dealers have come in the last 10 years to shed the image of a gold chained, greasy haired weasel that was born to fight with you on price, it still exists with some customers.

  5. Laura Madison

    Imagine moving across the country to pursue your dream job. After years of convincing and fighting to prove that you are fit for the job, you get it. Then a tragic tsunami hits Japan that could have potentially thrown your whole dream for a loop. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

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