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  1. What dealers need to know about voice search

    The popularity of voice search is growing, and as its importance increases for consumers — so too should it for car dealers. Potential buyers will use the technology to find and ask quick questions, and your website and content need to be ready and adapted for this need.

  2. Should you optimize your site for voice search?

    It may be time to consider whether or not you need to optimize your business website for voice search. For dealers, this may be a particularly important consideration as it could result in added search convenience for consumers, and more leads in general.

  3. How to optimize voice search

    When considering the future of SEO, HubSpot blogger Amanda Zantal-Wiener believes that voice search will play an important role in how users seek and consume information. How Google “ranks and surfaces it” is also something that marketers need to be aware of, along with how they can better optimize their websites for this new technology.

  4. Three trends that will change social media

    This year, marketers are actively watching various digital marketing trends to see which ones will have an impact on social media. HubSpot blogger Sophia Bernazzani presents five examples of what she believes will change social this year, and how they will leave a mark:

  5. Voice searches in public on the rise

    The use of mobile voice search in public areas is growing but appears to be decreasing at home, according to Search Engine Journal blogger Matt Southern. His information is based on a recent study by Stone Temple that looks at how consumers use voice commands, when and why.

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