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  1. How to better connect on social media

    Connecting with users and followers on social media is becoming increasingly important. This is because the platform can help set the stage for what consumers can expect from a business in a highly shareable way — which in turn can lead to more conversions.

  2. Four intriguing video marketing stats for 2018

    Dealers have heard it before, last year, and the year before, and before that: it’s “the year of video marketing.” But what makes that sentence actually (seemingly) true, as far as yearly trends go, are the statistics.

  3. When should you post on social media?

    Businesses will often hear about the importance of posting content on social media to connect with followers, reach new users, promote their brands and potentially convert a few people into actual buyers. But posting on these platforms is also a timing game.

  4. Three benefits of social media marketing

    By now, many dealers are well aware that social media marketing is important — but not everyone is aware of the benefits. Here are five important advantages that every business should know, according to CoSchedule blogger Brady Dukart:

  5. Marketing to moms: what you need to know

    According to Social Media Today blogger Andrew Hutchinson, mother’s are an “extremely influential demographic.” There are many reasons for this, but one of them may be that they are becoming increasingly active online.

  6. What exactly is personality marketing?

    If you look beyond conventional personalization based on demographics and consumer desires, this form of marketing is actually meant to interpret what basically drives people and match messages with personality traits, according to the Harvard Business Review’s Christopher Graves and Sandra Matz. Here’s what they have to say about this type of customization:

  7. Four effective blogging tactics to boost ROI

    There are many ways to improve your content strategy, but when it comes blogging tactics — Social Media Today blogger Irfan Ahmad has a few suggestions worth following. His information is based on key points from Foundr, that will help marketers boost the reach and response of their posts — and with minimal effort.

  8. Digital marketing stats worth a glance

    Search, digital advertisements, social media, chat applications and voice assistants are among the many trends that continue to remain on the digital marketing radar for marketers. Here are some of the most intriguing ones of the past week, according to Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland:

  9. Must-know short and simple sales tips

    Hubspot blogger Aja Frost has collected 81 one-sentence sales tips that every sales representative should know to remain in “peak selling shape.” She hopes those reading the tips will find some words of wisdom in the list she has provided. Here are a few of her examples:

  10. How to engage users with your social media posts

    Many businesses understand the importance of posting content about their company on social media, but not everyone is aware of the techniques that ensure users actually engage with it. Kissmetrics blogger Neil Patel offers a few suggestions on what to avoid and improve on so users are more eager to connect with your posts:

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