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  1. In all things digital, consider the user first

    Is your dealership keeping up with constantly changing SEO rules?

  2. 4 best practices to boost SEO results

    Are you struggling to develop a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy at your dealership? If so, you’re not alone, says TopRank Marketing blogger Kevin Cotch. He points to four common situations that brands struggle with, along with some best practices to combat them:

  3. 5 tips for blogging your way to success

    A blog is a powerful business tool for automotive dealers. It brings traffic to your website. It gives people a glimpse into your brand and your culture.  And blog posts are always working for you, even long after they’ve been written, says marketing expert Alan Bird.

  4. Drowning in data? Four steps will keep you afloat

    All that data you collect at your dealership helps you make informed business decisions — unless you’re drowning in it. If that’s the case, you might want to consider some tips from automotive digital marketing specialists Naked Lime Marketing. They offer the following four key steps to staying afloat...

  5. 21 common SEO mistakes: Are you making any?

    Quality and strategic SEO has probably never been more important than it is right now, says TopRank Marketing blogger Caitlin Burgess. With so much online content being created, published and promoted, every moment of every day, the competition to capture audience attention can be fierce.

  6. 5 skills that every digital marketing team needs

    Do you have talent gaps on your digital marketing team? The skill sets needed by digital marketing professionals today are changing as rapidly as the technologies they use. Here’s a list of the current top five, according to Marketing Profs blogger Gianna Scorsone.

  7. Got an hour? Spend it on digital marketing

    So many digital marketing tasks, so little time. Is possible to get them all done in a single day, every day? How about in a single hour? Sound time management allows you to do just that, according to blogger Ronald Dod.

  8. Three ‘to-do’s for 2017

    Solid web copy won’t be enough to ensure online marketing success in 2017. You’ll also need to stop wasting unnecessary ad dollars, rethink your marketing campaigns and focus on new opportunities, says Get started by considering three key areas.

  9. Five reasons for weak website traffic

    Does your website live up to its potential? Lackluster traffic may be indicating that it doesn’t. Here are five key causes of poor traffic flow from online marketing firm fishbat.

  10. A marketing anatomy lesson

    What makes a perfect search marketer? A delicate balance of geek and adventurer, the data-driven creative thinker is the one you want on your digital marketing team, An infographic from U.K.-based search marketing specialists Vertical Leap illustrates the anatomy of the perfect search marketer. It’s a fun way of showing how brains, biceps and backbones — among other characteristics — combine to get SEO results.

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