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  1. Top 10 digital marketing tactics that work today

    Here’s a list of 10 of the most effective online marketing strategies of 2018. It comes from Business 2 Community blogger Ibrahim Kareem, and it’s a useful reminder of the many ways dealers are connecting with customers today. How many are in use at your dealership?

  2. 3 blogging mistakes can sabotage SEO

    Blogs can be a great way to publish dealership-branded content online. But if you want to maximize the benefits of your blog content, you should avoid three common mistakes, according to a recent Naked Lime Fresh Squeeze blog post. They include:

  3. Improving the online user experience

    If you’re going to invest in digital marketing — including blogs and other content — you’ll need to first ensure that your website offers a good user experience. The attention span of the average person is dwindling, and it’s even worse in the digital realm.

  4. The 101 of content length for SEO

    There has been much debate over what the proper word count or length of a website blog post should be. But that debate also depends on circumstances and your end goal. If you’re looking to improve your SEO advantage, Search Engine Journal blogger Sam Hollingsworth has a few tips worth considering:

  5. Top most effective SEO tactics of 2018

    SEO may seem time consuming and difficult, but with the right tactics and a reasonable budget allocated to this marketing area, you can plan accordingly and begin to see the benefits of your work flourish. Here are the top most effective SEO tactics in 2018 so far, according to Duct Tape Marketing blogger John Jantsch:

  6. Lessons from brands that got it wrong with SEO

    SEO is a powerful tool for content marketing, but without a certain amount of patience, degrees of expertise and a sense of the changing algorithms, misfires are bound to happen. Here are a few examples of lessons learned from brands that got it wrong with SEO, according to Content Marketing Institute blogger Mile Murray:

  7. How to create an all-star marketing team

    You need a strong digital marketing team with a wide range of skills if you want the results you are looking for. Think of it as an NBA all-star team, says Eric White at Vertical Measures. Here are the positions and some of the responsibilities that he suggests:

  8. SEO is back on top in battle for website traffic

    Social media’s reign as top source of referred, inbound traffic to websites may be over, says Jay Baer at Convince and Convert. He cites new research that shows — for the first time in three years — that search is now responsible for more website traffic than social.

  9. Digital marketing basics for small dealerships

    Small dealerships can gain an advantage over larger competitors with the right digital marketing efforts. While it may not be feasible to compete with bigger players in every aspect of the digital landscape, there are some key areas that you should prioritize, according to Forbes Agency Council contributor Ken Braun. They include:

  10. How to optimize voice search

    When considering the future of SEO, HubSpot blogger Amanda Zantal-Wiener believes that voice search will play an important role in how users seek and consume information. How Google “ranks and surfaces it” is also something that marketers need to be aware of, along with how they can better optimize their websites for this new technology.

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