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  1. What dealers need to know about voice search

    The popularity of voice search is growing, and as its importance increases for consumers — so too should it for car dealers. Potential buyers will use the technology to find and ask quick questions, and your website and content need to be ready and adapted for this need.

  2. The ABCs of a successful infographic

    Users love infographics that tell a story in a visually compelling way, and that serves to educate them about a topic. For dealerships, this could mean anything from product information to service explanations and more.

  3. Should you optimize your site for voice search?

    It may be time to consider whether or not you need to optimize your business website for voice search. For dealers, this may be a particularly important consideration as it could result in added search convenience for consumers, and more leads in general.

  4. Using in-app ads to drive more in-store visits

    Dealers may need to consider putting more of their focus towards in-app advertisements. A recent study by Cuebiq, a location intelligence company, found that these types of ads are more effective at driving increases towards in-store visits than web ads, according to Mobile Marketer writer Robert Williams.

  5. Top most effective SEO tactics of 2018

    SEO may seem time consuming and difficult, but with the right tactics and a reasonable budget allocated to this marketing area, you can plan accordingly and begin to see the benefits of your work flourish. Here are the top most effective SEO tactics in 2018 so far, according to Duct Tape Marketing blogger John Jantsch:

  6. Marketing to moms: what you need to know

    According to Social Media Today blogger Andrew Hutchinson, mother’s are an “extremely influential demographic.” There are many reasons for this, but one of them may be that they are becoming increasingly active online.

  7. What you need to know about mobile popups

    With up to 71 per cent of total digital minutes spent on a smartphone or tablet in the U.S., the need to launch a dedicated mobile lead generation campaign is no longer an option.

  8. Creating an effective mobile campaign

    Experts predict that mobile advertising will represent 72 per cent of all U.S. digital ad spending by 2019, according to Duct Tape Marketing blogger John Jantsch. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that marketers are ramping up their knowledge on mobile marketing and advertising.

  9. How men and women view mobile devices

    If you have ever wondered about the relationship between couples and their mobile devices, you may be surprised by the findings. MarketingProfs blogger Ayaz Nanji dug up some research from Fetch and Toluna and here’s what he found from a survey based on 3,000 Americans:

  10. How to achieve SMS lead generation success

    The way consumers react to SMS is very different than other forms of communication, according to MarketingProfs blogger Laura Forer. They prefer conversations over promotions, and marketers may find it easier to collect data from an SMS rather than having consumers fill out an online form, she says.

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