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  1. Dealer takeaways from Montreal DealerTalkx

    The last DealerTalkˣ 2018 conference has concluded, leaving Montreal-area dealers and other attendees excited about the ...

  2. Motivating and understanding Millennials

    A highly accomplished Millennial herself, Kelly Lovell brings a certain authenticity to her presentation about bridging the gap between businesses and the millennial community.

  3. What dealers need to know about voice search

    The popularity of voice search is growing, and as its importance increases for consumers — so too should it for car dealers. Potential buyers will use the technology to find and ask quick questions, and your website and content need to be ready and adapted for this need.

  4. Report: millennials least influenced by retail ads

    A new report from Euclid about millennials reveals that this generation is the least influenced by retail advertising, according to Marketing Land blogger Greg Sterling. They are also the most likely to use technology throughout their purchasing journey, and their expectations about the experience are very different.

  5. Why authentic content marketing is so important

    Authentic or honest content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market to millennials, according to Search Engine Journal blogger Kristopher Jones. This is probably because 84 per cent of this generation has stated that they don’t like advertising, and here’s why:

  6. Five interesting facts about millennial shopping habits

    Millennial shopping habits are changing and that’s old news. But the facts and trends surrounding their increasing use of smartphones and social media is not. Their expectation for cross-channel communication has evolved as well, and they have a greater tendency to be frugal and environmentally conscious, according to Social Media Explorer blogger Brian Wallace.

  7. Are smartphones the new second-screen device?

    Research conducted by YuMe and Nielsen found that millennials more than any other generation favour their smartphones as a second-screening device, according to eMarketer blogger Rahul Chadha. If your dealership is working on a digital strategy to target millennials, here are a few convincing reasons to focus on the smartphone device in your marketing plan:

  8. How to achieve SMS lead generation success

    The way consumers react to SMS is very different than other forms of communication, according to MarketingProfs blogger Laura Forer. They prefer conversations over promotions, and marketers may find it easier to collect data from an SMS rather than having consumers fill out an online form, she says.

  9. Three digital marketing stats worth your attention

    Another week in the world of digital marketing has gone by and already there are new statistics that dealers need to review to keep up with new trends and changing consumer demands. Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gililand shares a few fascinating examples of what’s going on in the retail world — including the automotive sphere:

  10. Three facts about millennials every dealer should know

    Technologies that provide millennials with digital, personal experiences will be crucial to capturing their attention now and in the future, according to Marketing Land blogger Davor Sutija. He says this group, along with generation Z consumers, will be retail game changers — the brick-and-mortar retail industry’s “essential future” rather than its demise.

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