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  1. Dealer takeaways from Montreal DealerTalkx

    The last DealerTalkˣ 2018 conference has concluded, leaving Montreal-area dealers and other attendees excited about the ...

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk named as DealerTalkX Toronto keynote

    The fifth annual Toronto auto conference will be held on November 16, 2017

  3. Changes in shopping behaviour highlight need for transparency

    Are dealers losing control over the sales process? According to Kijiji’s Dealer Perception Study, 78 per cent of dealers believe they have less control now than they did five years ago. Significant changes in consumer car shopping behaviour are presenting both challenges and opportunities.

  4. Online classifieds top marketing channel use

    Canadian auto dealers are shifting away from traditional marketing channels to digital ones, and there’s no looking back. Participants in the Kijiji Dealer Perceptions Study revealed where dealership ad spend is going now. Online classifieds and dealers’ own websites top the list. Here’s how it breaks out...

  5. Dealers are set for exciting times ahead

    “Pretty soon {cars} are going to tuck you in bed at night.” So says a participant in Kijiji’s Dealer Perceptions Study, summarizing the excitement dealers are feeling about new automotive technology. The survey of 250 Canadian dealers shows that new technology tops the list of what most excites dealers, followed by new cars, products and models.

  6. Optimism prevails in wide-ranging Dealer Perceptions Study

    Canadian auto dealers are an optimistic lot. Despite a neutral outlook on the economy, most expect to be better off financially this time next year. That’s according to new research from Kijiji, Canada’s largest online classifieds site.

  7. Kijiji partnerships add vehicle capture and dealer ratings

    Two new partnerships bring more value and transparency to automotive buyers and sellers using Kijiji, Canada’s largest online autos classifieds site. An agreement with Car Pics 2.0 adds a photo and video capture service, while one with provides a dealer review add-on.

  8. DealerTalkX Calgary: See past the smoke screens

    The final round of DealerTalkX speakers lands in Calgary today with a promise to take a look behind the digital marketing curtain.

  9. DealerTalkX: La différence entre être connecté et établir des liens

    Martin Gendron: Chef des ventes au Québec pour Kijiji et personne clé pour cette journée de DealerTalk 2016 de Montréal. Voici ce qu’il a retenu de sa journée d’ateliers et de conférences en plus de quelques mots sur Kijiji.

  10. DealerTalkX : Mener une équipe vers la victoire

    Danièle Sauvageau est un ancien entraîneur de hockey olympique canadien

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