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  1. How to select “authentic” stock images

    Using stock images for digital marketing purposes may have been the norm for many years, but today its use is increasingly being frowned upon. Many people are able to differentiate between “cheesy” stock photos and authentic photography, according to B2C blogger Jared Evers.

  2. Lessons from brands that got it wrong with SEO

    SEO is a powerful tool for content marketing, but without a certain amount of patience, degrees of expertise and a sense of the changing algorithms, misfires are bound to happen. Here are a few examples of lessons learned from brands that got it wrong with SEO, according to Content Marketing Institute blogger Mile Murray:

  3. Tips to improve your visual communication of data

    Providing consumers with easily digestible data can be done in a number of ways, such as through infographics and charts, according to Content Marketing Institute blogger Marcia Riefer Johnston. She offers a few suggestions on how to improve data visualization for users.

  4. 5 cool visual marketing ideas

    Visual content marketing has become the ultimate preference for consumers when searching for content on social media platforms, according to Social Media Today blogger Irfan Ahmad. He offers several suggestions on how dealers can better utilize visual elements in their content marketing process — all of which are simple and easy to implement:

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