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Digital Marketing

  1. Tips to increase digital marketing effectiveness

    Digital marketing is incredibly demanding and there simply isn’t enough time in a single day to complete the long list of tasks that will help ensure success, according to Kissmetrics blogger Brad Smith.

  2. More digital marketing trends for 2018

    Dealers that want contribute more to their digital marketing will need to integrate digital media and technology into their strategy, according to Smart Insights blogger Dave Chaffey.

  3. 4 digital marketing trends in 2018

    Digital advertising is growing and changing faster than many could have imagined — thanks to emerging technologies and new platforms, according to the Digital Marketing Institute. As a result, there are a number of trends that dealerships need to watch for in 2018. Here are some of the most interesting ones to pay attention to:

  4. Success in a world of distraction

    In a world of distracted consumers, dealers need to do everything they can to hold the focus of car shoppers and customers, said entrepreneur and author Martin Latulippe during Kijiji’s DealerTalkx event in Toronto.

  5. SEO tips to boost your blog

    If you’ve been living and breathing in the world of content marketing, then it may be time for you to take a step back and review the basics, according to Digital Marketing Institute. That’s because it’s easy to get lost in a never ending list of possibilities when trying to optimize your content strategy.

  6. Three digital marketing stats worth your attention

    Another week in the world of digital marketing has gone by and already there are new statistics that dealers need to review to keep up with new trends and changing consumer demands. Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gililand shares a few fascinating examples of what’s going on in the retail world — including the automotive sphere:

  7. Consistency is key online, says DealerTalkX keynote

    To be successful, digital and social marketing must be done with consistency, according to Martin Latulippe, the kickoff speaker at Kijiji’s 2017 DealerTalkx event in Calgary.

  8. Three digital marketing challenges to consider

    If we compare digital marketing to an ocean, then the various marketing strategies one can imagine may be equivalent to the number of ships at sea.

  9. Three tips to improve your social media strategy

    As many as 80 per cent of businesses, including dealerships, recognize that social media is a crucial factor in their digital marketing success — but many of them don’t know which tools they should use, according to Blue Fountain Media blogger Karine Welch.

  10. Four digital marketing stats for dealers to consider

    Digital marketing statistics represent important data for dealers to consider when preparing their marketing strategy. So when someone like Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland puts together a “treasure trove of stats for you to dive into,” dealers should take note as the information can help them adjust their online tactics.

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