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Digital Marketing

  1. 4 digital marketing trends to consider

    Technology is ever-evolving, so it’s only natural that areas within the digital realm — such as marketing — evolve with it. Digital marketing is progressing rapidly and is expected to see quite a few changes and developments throughout the year, according to CustomerThink.

  2. 3 tips for getting started with mobile video

    The increasing popularity of mobile devices means that more consumers are using their mobile phone to watch streamed or downloaded video content. In 2020, as much as 53.6 per cent of the U.S. population will use their phone at least once a month to watch video — up from 39.

  3. 5 mobile marketing must-knows

    The mobile device is transforming the way consumers interact with brands. Developing a strong mobile marketing strategy for your business is therefore crucial to the success of your overall marketing efforts, according to a report by Blue Fountain Media. The digital marketing agency mentions five important factors to consider.

  4. 4 essential skills your digital marketing team needs

    Do you have the right people on your dealership’s digital marketing team? There are four essential types, according to Matei Gavril, digital marketing expert and Forbes Communications Council contributor.

  5. Study reveals the power of auto shows in the marketing mix

    Auto shows are just as effective as digital marketing in influencing purchase decisions, according to a new study from Foresight Research.

  6. 5 digital marketing best practices for auto dealers

    There are lots of ways you can customize digital marketing best practices to sell more cars, says Matthew Travers. The vice president, digital marketing at Lead to Conversion offers five ideas to get started with:

  7. How to build a remote digital marketing team

    The potential candidate pool for digital marketing team members at your dealership is wider and deeper when you hire remote workers. Remote workers are happy workers. And happy workers are more productive and responsive — and cost you less than than onsite workers, says Small Business Trends blogger Jessica Davis.

  8. 5 digital marketing best practices for car dealers

    How do you customize digital marketing best practices to sell cars? While there’s a world of possibilities, 5 tips from Lead To Conversion blogger Matthew Travers are worth considering.

  9. Adapt or lose out: 5 trends you need to know about

    Keeping pace with the changes happening in the digital marketing arena can be brutal.

  10. 3 steps to a rational digital marketing budget

    If you don’t have the right budget, it doesn’t matter how good your dealership’s digital marketing efforts are.

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