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  1. Disney secrets for brand dominance

    There’s more to Disney than a mouse in red shorts and magic; there’s a huge amount of business savvy and corporate sense, too. And the man who knows more than most about Disney’s business knowledge is none other than author and former Head of Training at the Legendary Disney University, Doug Lipp.

  2. Dealer takeaways from Montreal DealerTalkx

    The last DealerTalkˣ 2018 conference has concluded, leaving Montreal-area dealers and other attendees excited about the ...

  3. Build your business around people

    It takes drive and a heavy dose of confidence to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s economic landscape; and Montreal-born Philippe Bertrand, Co-founding partner and Chief Growth Officer of illuxi and Amplio Strategie, has that in spades.

  4. Toronto dealers loved DealerTalkx

    Dealers at Toronto’s DealerTalkx event say this year’s event was a big hit. “This event was different, I cried, I hugged the speakers, it was very personal,” says Hadeel Hijazieh, Marketing Director at Ontario Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, a returning visitor to the event.

  5. Dealers cheer for new Kijiji Autos site

    Dealers cheered loudly and gave a standing ovation after they got a sneak preview of the new Kijiji Autos website at the DealerTalkx event in Toronto.

  6. Own the phone, dealers urged

    Dealerships are not getting the basics right, like properly responding to phone inquiries from customers — and it’s costing them a lot of deals, said Mike Haeg, VP of Automotive at Car Wars, during the DealerTalkx event in Toronto.

  7. Motivating and understanding Millennials

    A highly accomplished Millennial herself, Kelly Lovell brings a certain authenticity to her presentation about bridging the gap between businesses and the millennial community.

  8. Spend wisely on advertising

    Consumers are bombarded with advertising, and it’s a problem. As head of analytics for Kijiji Canada, Rohn Jackson says many people can’t take it anymore.

  9. Agility key to success, dealers told

    Are you a planner?  You may want to rethink how you are doing things at the dealership according to the kick-off speaker at Kijiji’s 2018 DealerTalkx event in Calgary on Sept. 20.

  10. Embrace digital or risk disruption, says Vaynerchuk

    Entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk encouraged Toronto DealerTalkx delegates in Toronto to fundamentally change their mindsets regarding technology and where it is headed.  

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