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  1. Bringing Disney magic to the customer experience

    Doug Lipp used to work in the Magic Kingdom and is the author of “Disney U,” but he gives anything but a Mickey Mouse presentation. He’s encouraging participants at DealerTalkx to “Plus the Show.” In other words, be brave and bring a little magic to the customer experience.

  2. Spend wisely on advertising

    Consumers are bombarded with advertising, and it’s a problem. As head of analytics for Kijiji Canada, Rohn Jackson says many people can’t take it anymore.

  3. Phone skills can boost sales

    Here’s your chance to own the phone says Cassie Broemmer, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Car Wars. “Phone calls are more important than ever,” Broemmer told dealers attending the DealerTalkx event in Calgary Sept. 2o1.

  4. Agility key to success, dealers told

    Are you a planner?  You may want to rethink how you are doing things at the dealership according to the kick-off speaker at Kijiji’s 2018 DealerTalkx event in Calgary on Sept. 20.

  5. Embrace digital or risk disruption, says Vaynerchuk

    Entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk encouraged Toronto DealerTalkx delegates in Toronto to fundamentally change their mindsets regarding technology and where it is headed.  

  6. The Customer of the Future

    CarGurl Emma Hancock’s presentation, “The Customer of the Future,” was not about appealing to the often sought-after millennial cohort, but rather about catering the car-buying experience to women. “Women love to shop, but they don’t love shopping for cars,” said Hancock.

  7. Attribution helps identify what drives sales

    A goal rarely occurs without an assist and that is as true in car sales as it in in hockey, according to Convertus co-founder and managing partner Kevin Gordon. Gordon noted that most dealers are using a last-click attribution model when measuring conversions.  

  8. Best practices for online showrooms

    During the closing keynote presentation at DealerTalkx 2017 Toronto, SpinCar CEO Devin Daly encouraged dealers to pay more attention to their online showrooms. Dealerships in the U.S. get an average of 475 walk-ins monthly, while their websites get more than 9,000 unique views, 60 per cent of which are from mobile.

  9. Busting myths about car buyers

    Malte Krüger, managing director of, debunked car-buying myths as part of his DealerTalkx presentation in Toronto Nov. 16.

  10. New mobility models will disrupt, says speaker

    There are multiple forces at work that are creating something of a perfect storm that threatens to disrupt the traditional role of a car dealership, said James Carter, Principal Consultant at Vision Mobility, during his workshop at the Toronto DealerTalkx event.

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