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  1. Digital world requires different sales approach

    Like flying in a plane, the most likely time a sale will crash is during takeoff and landing, so staff must be extremely well trained on these elements, according to Duane Marino, author and founder of Daune Marino Automotive Solutions.

  2. What will car ownership mean in the future?

    In a world where vehicles are becoming more autonomous and mobility is becoming a service, the perfect storm could be brewing for dealers, according to James Carter, principal consultant, Vision Mobility.

  3. DealerTalkX: Three digital best practices

    Disruption is everywhere, coming from Carvana, Google and retail giants like Amazon. That means dealers need to step up their game if they want to compete. Kyle Costa, Internet manager at Bustard Chrysler or “the Chrysler guy,” knows how to get fans and followers and bring them into the dealership.

  4. DealerTalkX: Canadian dealers see positive impact of tech

    Technology keeps dealers up at night but it also excites them, according to Kijiji’s new Dealer Pulse survey.

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