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Customer journey

  1. Promoting engagement and loyalty after POP

    The consumer journey doesn’t end with a transaction, according to Marketing Land blogger Davor Sutija. It continues well past the original point of purchase so that marketers can continue to build product affinity and customer loyalty.

  2. Consumers want a more personal touch

    What does “good” look like to consumers? According to research from Ricoh Europe, it looks a lot like paying attention. And the brands that do it best are the ones that know how to treat customers as individuals, says 70 per cent of respondents to their survey.

  3. The art of interviewing your buyers

    Every customer has a story waiting to be discovered. The first step to finding it is simple: just ask. But there’s an art to the interview that helps buyers tell you how they think. A story is more compelling than a list of benefits and features because it gets to the truth behind their decision. Getting that story takes time, effort, and the right approach.

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