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  1. Four social media stats every dealer should know

    Dealers who want to boost their social media efforts may be curious to know how other marketers are doing: which social networks, content types and social ad platforms deliver the best ROI, for example.

  2. Three digital marketing challenges to consider

    If we compare digital marketing to an ocean, then the various marketing strategies one can imagine may be equivalent to the number of ships at sea.

  3. Three ways social media matters

    There are many ways to distribute print and digital content, but when it comes to the latter option — social media is one of the simplest, most powerful and cost-effective ways to do it, according to Influence&CO blogger Chelsea Branscum.

  4. 4 basic steps to car dealer SEO

    You’ve probably heard about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) time and time again, but you haven’t taken the dive just yet.

  5. 5 trends to get on board with now

    Keeping up with all the technology available to help your dealership with its digital marketing efforts can be a daunting task. But it’s an important one, according to Karina Welch, a guest blogger at

  6. Refresh blog content for more traffic

    It’s just as important to refresh old content on your dealership’s blog as it is to publish new material, says UpCity blogger Leilani Wertens. She offers a number of tips for doing just that, including: Start with the top performers.

  7. Is your content ready for the small screen?

    The structure of your dealership’s digital content is important if you want it to be seen on a mobile screen. And these days, that’s where it’s most likely to be viewed. Mobile users, in particular, don’t want to scroll forever, says SEO specialist and Search Engine Land blogger Patrick Stox.

  8. How SEO and content can — and should — work together

    SEO and content shouldn’t be at odds with each other says Search Engine Journal blogger Andrea Lehr. The two must work together if you want to attract more qualified search traffic to your dealership’s website. According to Lehr, successful SEO requires three key ingredients: keywords, backlinks and a technical site audit.

  9. 40 ideas for getting and keeping website traffic

    Here’s a handy list of 40 ideas for getting more traffic to your website. It comes from SEO and online marketing expert John Doherty at Credo. You probably already have many of these strategies in place at your dealership. Others might not be right for you.

  10. How to develop content for local SEO

    There are almost as many user paths to conversion as there are customers in your city, says Moz blogger Miriam Ellis.

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