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  1. How to make your content more appealing

    There are many ways to make your content more appealing to your audience, but one of the most important metrics often missed is how users engage with words, according to Content Marketing Institute blogger Fergal McGovern.

  2. What’s driving the future of social marketing?

    During a presentation at the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, California, Mark W. Schaefer, educator, keynote speaker and strategy consultant, discussed some of the ideas that are currently driving the future of social media marketing. Here’s a recap of his presentation:

  3. Tips to improve your email marketing

    Email marketing requires effective management and regular oversight, according to Blue Fountain Media blogger Jasmyn Jarnigan. Without it, campaign performance tends to dwindle due to missed opportunities for optimization. Here are a few tips on how marketers can better managed and execute their email campaigns:

  4. Creating top-notch infographics

    Marketers that create memorable infographics that drive user engagement never miss a deadline and “keep up the momentum throughout their development,” says Content Marketing Institute blogger Jelian Devanesan. They also know which key ingredients will really make a difference when creating top-notch infographics. Devanesan shares a few of their tricks:

  5. What are the most successful marketers planning?

    Observing and taking cues from the most successful marketers in the industry is one way to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

  6. Bridge gap between marketing and customer service

    Creating content for your website is an excellent, if not critical opportunity for both marketing and customer success to transform the client experience, according to HubSpot blogger Braden Becker. He offers a few examples of how marketing can better serve customer success managers and service reps, and better serve itself in the process.

  7. How to handle fake reviews

    The interesting thing about the digital landscape is that word-of-mouth comments are very much present. The difference is that they appear in the form of an online review. But what happens if you get a negative review — or worst — a fake negative review on Google?

  8. Three examples of powerful content marketing

    The amount of information about content marketing available online is mind-blowing. It’s more than enough to help any company move forward in this department, but it can also drown out a lot of intriguing examples that serve to inspire and attract customers.

  9. Use content marketing to nurture your leads

    There are many ways to nurture your leads using content marketing, according to Brooke B. Sellas, a contributing columnist to Mark Schaeffer’s Grow blog. She offers an easy, do-it-yourself approach that any business can implement, so long as they have the basics. Here’s a look at some of her suggestions:

  10. How to optimize your content for social sharing

    Making your online content irresistible for both consumers and influencers is all part of the game to ensure you get the word out about your business, according to Copyblogger writer Sonia Simone. She offers advice on how to optimize content so that users will be eager to share it.

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