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  1. Writing content for users and search engines

    There is a big difference between writing content for the sake of having something to post on your website and social media channels — and creating engaging material for both users and search engines.

  2. How to make your content more shareable

    Including images and other forms of visuals in your social media posts will certainly help your social media campaign. But simply adding these basic elements will not ensure that your content is both clickable and shareable among users.

  3. 3 blogging mistakes can sabotage SEO

    Blogs can be a great way to publish dealership-branded content online. But if you want to maximize the benefits of your blog content, you should avoid three common mistakes, according to a recent Naked Lime Fresh Squeeze blog post. They include:

  4. 5 easy subject line tricks boost email open rates

    Your email list is only as good as the engagement you get, says Garrett Moon in a post at Influence & Co’s blog The Knowledge Bank.  No matter how big your list is, if nobody opens your email, nobody sees your content. The first step to enticing email opens is writing a great subject line.

  5. Auditing content? Focus on these 5 key areas

    A content audit may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but knowing how your content is being planned, promoted, used and measured can deliver big benefits says consultant and Smart Insights blogger Gavin Llewellyn.

  6. Creating video content users actually want

    Producing video content is not difficult — but creating content that your audience actually cares about is another thing. Brands often focus too heavily on what they want to say, rather than what their users (consumers and customers) really crave. Here are a few tips on how to manage expectations, according to Contently blogger Joe Lazauskas.

  7. Improving the online user experience

    If you’re going to invest in digital marketing — including blogs and other content — you’ll need to first ensure that your website offers a good user experience. The attention span of the average person is dwindling, and it’s even worse in the digital realm.

  8. Dos and Don’ts of social media

    There are a lot of misconceptions about social media that can impact your digital marketing strategy if you’re not careful. From posting the wrong content at the wrong time to overvaluing certain metrics, Contently blogger Tallie Gabriel has a few suggestions on some of the Dos and Don’ts of social media:

  9. Learn from these content mistakes

    As a dealer, you’re investing in the production of content for your website as part of your digital marketing strategy. But upon reviewing your analytics, you discover that many of your readers are exiting before reaching the end of the page.

  10. Three content formats users want now

    With so many content formats available to marketers, it’s not always easy to know which ones will work best with your company. That being said, there are a few popular trends that have remained similar across the board. Contently blogger Emily Gaudette offers three examples of content formats to implement immediately:

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