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  1. Is employee advocacy the new influencer marketing?

    Employee advocacy is a cost-effective, scalable alternative to influencer marketing, according to a recent Kruse Control blog post. Here’s why you should think about bringing some of your dealership employees to the content creation table.

  2. Tips to increase digital marketing effectiveness

    Digital marketing is incredibly demanding and there simply isn’t enough time in a single day to complete the long list of tasks that will help ensure success, according to Kissmetrics blogger Brad Smith.

  3. This headline has eight words: Find out why!

    You have just a split second to grab attention with online content before your audience moves on, so every word of your headline counts. It needs to capture imagination — and make readers click. A study of data from more than 150,000 headlines looked at what makes a headline clickable. The results, discussed at point to five key features.

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