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  1. Tips to improve your email marketing

    Email marketing requires effective management and regular oversight, according to Blue Fountain Media blogger Jasmyn Jarnigan. Without it, campaign performance tends to dwindle due to missed opportunities for optimization. Here are a few tips on how marketers can better managed and execute their email campaigns:

  2. Stay on point with digital marketing ROI

    There’s a lot of information to consider and implement when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Managing your website, paid advertisements, SEO practice and social media participation are just a few of the things you’re probably juggling as you aim to achieve your end goal.

  3. Diversify your digital marketing strategy — here’s why

    Don’t spend all your time, energy and money on just one digital marketing strategy at your dealership. Success is usually found in a diversified approach, says blogger Larry Alton.

  4. 5 tips to make your marketing emails stand out

    After all the work you put into your email campaign, the last thing you want is for your emails to go unnoticed.

  5. Reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated

    Digital marketing may be the new norm, but don’t think that print marketing is dead. Smart marketers are merging print and digital efforts to create a cohesive brand experience, says blogger Larry Alton. Here are his top three tips for doing just that...

  6. Ready, steady marketing: 3 steps for consistent content

    What does it take to be a great marketer? A lot of people will rank creativity high on the list, but consistency is what really matters, according to author Jeff Korhan. That’s what builds trust — and people do business with brands they trust. He offers three key elements for marketing consistency.

  7. Are you making digital marketing mistakes?

    A few simple tweaks to your existing campaign can make the difference between peak performance and falling short of expectations says blogger Emilia Totzeva. Start by avoiding her six top digital marketing mistakes...

  8. 10 terrific search advertising tips

    Tara Banda’s list of 10 tips for search advertising success is a handy year end refresher. It’s part of a larger list of 30 ways to make sure that people find and choose your business when shopping online, and it includes...

  9. Smile, emojis are everywhere!

    The need to communicate more with fewer characters is evident in the way marketers have taken to using emojis. Last year the use of the ubiquitous digital picture characters in marketing increased by 777 per cent. And they’re only going to get more popular, says integrated brand agency mindshape.

  10. How to annoy customers with email

    Email use is on the rise — and so is the number of people getting irritated by the emails they receive. A new Adobe email survey shows that while people spend 17 per cent more time on emails than they did the year previously, almost half of them are annoyed when they get emailed too often by a brand.

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