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  1. Must-know short and simple sales tips

    Hubspot blogger Aja Frost has collected 81 one-sentence sales tips that every sales representative should know to remain in “peak selling shape.” She hopes those reading the tips will find some words of wisdom in the list she has provided. Here are a few of her examples:

  2. 5 ways to maximize your online ads

    Improving your digital marketing is not about how much you spend on advertisements but rather how you optimize the ads themselves, according to Duct Tape Marketing guest blogger Hugh Beaulac. For dealers, this means boosting your audience reach and click-through rates without wasting money.

  3. 4 tips to get the most out of your online ads

    Increasing your potential audience reach and boosting ad click-through rates doesn’t have to cost a fortune, according to Duct Tape Marketing guest blogger Hugh Beaulac. He offers 4 tips on how you can optimize your digital ads.

  4. Tips to write quick, sensational call-to-actions

    Writing magnetic call-to-actions can help improve your website’s relationship with consumers along with your profit margins, according to Kissmetrics blogger Julia McCoy. She offers up 5 tips on how to write stellar CTA’s in just five minutes.

  5. 5 search advertising tips to implement now

    Digital marketing is like a puzzle. The more pieces you have, the easier it becomes to see the bigger picture. That's important when considering the amount of consumers that are searching for local businesses -- like dealerships -- online, according to Tara Banda, a guest writer for Duct Tape Marketing.

  6. Stay on point with digital marketing ROI

    There’s a lot of information to consider and implement when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Managing your website, paid advertisements, SEO practice and social media participation are just a few of the things you’re probably juggling as you aim to achieve your end goal.

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