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  1. Why personalization is good for business

    By now it’s no secret that personalization is very important for consumers — and therefore good for business. But even though we all know this, marketers are still struggling to implement a strategy in an “intelligent and scalable way,” says Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland. Here are a few statistics to help solidify the importance of personalization:

  2. Why some bad reviews are good for business

    Dealers work hard to earn positive reviews for their business, but aiming for the ultimate five-star review across the board shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. In fact, according to Kissmetrics blogger Neil Patel, negative reviews are also important as they can help your business grow — and here’s why:

  3. Shift your marketing focus from loyalty to relevance

    It may be time for dealers to shift their focus from loyalty to relevance when preparing marketing materials and campaigns. According to the Harvard Business Review’s John Zealley, Robert Wollan and Joshua Bellin, trying to win customer loyalty through rebates and discounts will cost you because the “loyalty era” of marketing is fading.

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