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  1. Do we really know what consumers want?

    A new survey from mobile-location data company Blis may have companies scratching their heads as to what consumers really want from their brands, according to a blog post by Marketing Land writer Greg Sterling. Here is a look at what consumers think about brand morals, personalization and much more:

  2. The power of welcome emails

    Welcome emails are an excellent opportunity to make a good first impression on a potential customer — and even the recurring ones. Here are a few powerful examples of brands that understood the importance of these emails and how they help connect with consumers right from the get-go, according to CoSchedule’s Scott Cohen:

  3. Lessons from brands that got it wrong on social

    Social media platforms are a powerful medium to communicate your brand’s message and engage with a specific audience — until you make a mistake, according to Social Media Today blogger Tabitha Jean Naylor. Missteps can be followed by harsh responses, and as a result users may view the company in a less positive light.

  4. 5 mobile marketing must-knows

    The mobile device is transforming the way consumers interact with brands. Developing a strong mobile marketing strategy for your business is therefore crucial to the success of your overall marketing efforts, according to a report by Blue Fountain Media. The digital marketing agency mentions five important factors to consider.

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