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  1. Use content marketing to nurture your leads

    There are many ways to nurture your leads using content marketing, according to Brooke B. Sellas, a contributing columnist to Mark Schaeffer’s Grow blog. She offers an easy, do-it-yourself approach that any business can implement, so long as they have the basics. Here’s a look at some of her suggestions:

  2. How to boost high-traffic, low-converting pages

    Why should you care about the highest traffic pages on your website with the lowest conversions? Because these can actually be turned into a high-conversion page with the help of a Call to Action, according to Unbounce blogger Oli Gardner.

  3. 5 tips to crank up your digital marketing

    Your website is a piece of the digital marketing puzzle — one that is vital to reaching the 80 per cent of consumers that browse the web for information about local businesses, according to Tara Banda, a guest writer for Duct Tape Marketing. Banda offers 5 search website tips to help improve your digital marketing.

  4. Refresh blog content for more traffic

    It’s just as important to refresh old content on your dealership’s blog as it is to publish new material, says UpCity blogger Leilani Wertens. She offers a number of tips for doing just that, including: Start with the top performers.

  5. 5 tips for blogging your way to success

    A blog is a powerful business tool for automotive dealers. It brings traffic to your website. It gives people a glimpse into your brand and your culture.  And blog posts are always working for you, even long after they’ve been written, says marketing expert Alan Bird.

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