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  1. Creating video content users actually want

    Producing video content is not difficult — but creating content that your audience actually cares about is another thing. Brands often focus too heavily on what they want to say, rather than what their users (consumers and customers) really crave. Here are a few tips on how to manage expectations, according to Contently blogger Joe Lazauskas.

  2. How to make your content more appealing

    There are many ways to make your content more appealing to your audience, but one of the most important metrics often missed is how users engage with words, according to Content Marketing Institute blogger Fergal McGovern.

  3. Email marketing: pearls of wisdom from the experts

    Econsultancy blogger Ben Davis sat down with experts Kath Pay, founder and senior consultant, Holistic Email Marketing; Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, and Dale Langley, head of deliverability at Emarsys, to discuss email marketing optimization in 2018. Here's what they had to say about the following subjects:

  4. Three benefits to cross-channel marketing

    Cross-channel marking is an opportunity for businesses to cut through the online noise to reach consumers at the right time, according to Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland. It’s a great way to provide users with a seamless experience across a combination of many different channels, she says.

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