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  1. Must-know digital marketing buzzwords in 2018

    Digital marketing is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, and so keeping up with something as simple as this year’s most useful marketing terms is an absolute must, according to Social Media Today blogger Isabella Anderson. She offers a few examples of terms that every marketer should add to their vocabulary list:

  2. Email trends that will impact your marketing

    There have been a number of 2018 email trends that marketers have flagged as important to businesses, and that should probably remain on their radar as it can affect their marketing program, according to Marketing Land blogger Kyle Henderick. He points to the a few specific examples that he believes will have the biggest impact:

  3. Have you mastered omnichannel yet?

    More than 90 per cent of retail businesses and brands have developed or plan to invest in an omnichannel strategy sooner rather than later, according to RetailDrive blogger Dan O’Shea.

  4. Tips to increase digital marketing effectiveness

    Digital marketing is incredibly demanding and there simply isn’t enough time in a single day to complete the long list of tasks that will help ensure success, according to Kissmetrics blogger Brad Smith.

  5. More digital marketing trends for 2018

    Dealers that want contribute more to their digital marketing will need to integrate digital media and technology into their strategy, according to Smart Insights blogger Dave Chaffey.

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