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augmented reality

  1. Tech that appeals to your customers

    With the increasing emergence of new technologies, customers are interested in a range of options from virtual reality to artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, according to HubSpot blogger Amanda Zantal-Wiener. The question is, among all of these new technologies, which ones do customers find more appealing in 2018? And therefore, which ones should your business prioritize?

  2. Website popups that actually work

    Many users are often annoyed by website popups, depending on where they appear, the frequency of their appearance, and of course how difficult it is to close the browser window. However, there are some examples of cases that are considered “legitimately cool,” according to Unbounce blogger Oli Gardner. Some of them even include augmented reality.

  3. What top performing campaigns get right

    Top performing campaigns do something that sets them apart from regular performing campaigns. In fact, they do one of two things to help them get more media placements and social shares: they are either emotionally resonant or surprising, according to Moz blogger Kerry Jones.

  4. Interactive advertising trends to watch for

    The increase in mobile usage has pushed businesses to discover how they can do more with less when it comes to screen space and digital advertisements, according to Marketing Land blogger Ginny Marvin.

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