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  1. Email trends that will impact your marketing

    There have been a number of 2018 email trends that marketers have flagged as important to businesses, and that should probably remain on their radar as it can affect their marketing program, according to Marketing Land blogger Kyle Henderick. He points to the a few specific examples that he believes will have the biggest impact:

  2. Data and analytics predictions for 2018

    Data-driven marketing has taken significant steps forward this year and will continue to do so in 2018, according to Econsultancy blogger Ben Davis. Some things will change, evolve and increase while others, such as having a good analytics strategy, will remain an important base for growth. Here are what experts predict for the upcoming year:

  3. How AI will impact your dealership

    Artificial Intelligence is beginning to show signs that it can dramatically enhance the customer experience for businesses that implement the technology, according to the experts at Smart Insights.

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