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  1. 4 tips to get the most out of your online ads

    Increasing your potential audience reach and boosting ad click-through rates doesn’t have to cost a fortune, according to Duct Tape Marketing guest blogger Hugh Beaulac. He offers 4 tips on how you can optimize your digital ads.

  2. Fast facts about last year’s advertising spend

    Advertisers spent a record-breaking $72.5 billion last year, with more than half of it going to mobile advertising. The stat is from the new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report prepared by PwC U.S.

  3. Pants on fire! Fake information brings big dangers

    Fake news is just the beginning. Recent headlines about the influence of fabricated news on the U.S. election signal a big problem, especially for marketers, says Wesley Young at Search Engine Land. False information is being used to manipulate consumer behaviour, business behaviour, and even the behaviour of software, he says.

  4. Reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated

    Digital marketing may be the new norm, but don’t think that print marketing is dead. Smart marketers are merging print and digital efforts to create a cohesive brand experience, says blogger Larry Alton. Here are his top three tips for doing just that...

  5. Online classifieds top marketing channel use

    Canadian auto dealers are shifting away from traditional marketing channels to digital ones, and there’s no looking back. Participants in the Kijiji Dealer Perceptions Study revealed where dealership ad spend is going now. Online classifieds and dealers’ own websites top the list. Here’s how it breaks out...

  6. 5 brand-boosting ideas for growth in 2017

    Are you looking to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level this year? Five key tactics should be considered, according to Forbes contributor Gabriel Shaoolian. Here’s his list of ideas for engaging your customers on a deeper level in 2017...

  7. 5 digital trends are on the way out

    Here’s a list of digital marketing trends with a twist. While bloggers everywhere are predicting what’s up and coming in 2017, Mashable’s Josh Steimle points to what’s dying. He says that five key trends in particular are in need of major life support...

  8. Four digital ways to get your message across

    Static signs and posters in the dealership just don’t work any more. You have to attract today’s tech-savvy car shopper with a high-energy, interactive and visual experience, says Digital Signage Today's Tegan Worrall. She points to four key ways that digital technology can up the wow factor when communicating with customers.

  9. Kijiji partnerships add vehicle capture and dealer ratings

    Two new partnerships bring more value and transparency to automotive buyers and sellers using Kijiji, Canada’s largest online autos classifieds site. An agreement with Car Pics 2.0 adds a photo and video capture service, while one with provides a dealer review add-on.

  10. What do you know?

    Put your automotive marketing know-how to the test with an interactive quiz from behavioural marketing and data driven technology experts ePush. Fifteen questions range from easy-peasy to downright difficult. You have to live and work in the U.S.

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