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  1. Creating content for a more user-friendly site

    Good content that is properly prepared for digital means is a key piece of any business website. It’s also a necessity for dealerships to ensure they have a fully user-friendly site that provides consumers with a good experience. Here are some tips from Social Media Today blogger Mark Walker-Ford on how dealers can do just that:

  2. What you need to know about landing pages

    If you’re sending online users to your homepage in hopes of converting them and increasing your campaign traffic, you may need to modify your strategy, according to Kissmetrics blogger Neil Patel.

  3. Digital marketing stats worth a glance

    Search, digital advertisements, social media, chat applications and voice assistants are among the many trends that continue to remain on the digital marketing radar for marketers. Here are some of the most intriguing ones of the past week, according to Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland:

  4. Four digital marketing stats for dealers to consider

    Digital marketing statistics represent important data for dealers to consider when preparing their marketing strategy. So when someone like Econsultancy blogger Nikki Gilliland puts together a “treasure trove of stats for you to dive into,” dealers should take note as the information can help them adjust their online tactics.

  5. 4 tips to get the most out of your online ads

    Increasing your potential audience reach and boosting ad click-through rates doesn’t have to cost a fortune, according to Duct Tape Marketing guest blogger Hugh Beaulac. He offers 4 tips on how you can optimize your digital ads.

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