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  1. Using in-app ads to drive more in-store visits

    Dealers may need to consider putting more of their focus towards in-app advertisements. A recent study by Cuebiq, a location intelligence company, found that these types of ads are more effective at driving increases towards in-store visits than web ads, according to Mobile Marketer writer Robert Williams.

  2. What you need to know about VR for your brand

    Business are looking to Virtual Reality (VR) to help them provide a “unique, entertaining and unforgettable experience,” according to Contently blogger Tallie Gabriel. But not everyone is aware of what VR can actually do — and not do — for your brand. Here’s a look at what marketers and businesses should expect from this technology:

  3. marketing teams How to reach consumers via voice assistants

    Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular — particularly among millennials, according to eMarketer blogger Rahul Chadha. For this reason, businesses want to reach consumers through their voice assistants with advertisements, and surprisingly many consumers are open to it — assuming it’s under the right conditions:

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