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A/B testing

  1. Keep tabs on marketing automation performance

    Are you getting the most from your dealership’s marketing automation efforts? If you’re not measuring performance, you’ll never know. A few easy to understand and (usually) readily available metrics can help you keep tabs, says Smart Insights blogger Luda Greko.

  2. 25 email testing idea starters

    Are your email marketing efforts getting the results you need at your dealership? Without sound testing methodology, you might never know. When it’s done right, A/B testing of emails has three key benefits says Marketo blogger Mike Madden. First, it increases engagement. It also enhances campaign effectiveness. And, it informs you about audience preferences.

  3. Are you making digital marketing mistakes?

    A few simple tweaks to your existing campaign can make the difference between peak performance and falling short of expectations says blogger Emilia Totzeva. Start by avoiding her six top digital marketing mistakes...

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