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Mike Haeg

VP of Automotive – Car Wars

Toronto 2018Oct 10, 2018

Get Into High Gear With CRISP

Mike Haeg's Presentation

Get Into High Gear With CRISP

Without the proper resources and tools, it’s easy to fall behind in today’s automotive landscape and is conducive to chaotic habits impacting your bottom line. Amidst this rapid change and development, the best action your dealership can take is to create a culture of phone accountability — utilizing Mike Haeg from Car Wars’ CRISP technique. CRISP ensures phone handlers are Connecting callers to someone who can help, Requesting the appointment and Inviting each caller in for a test drive, Setting firm appointments and Pursuing missed opportunities. Learn why these simple yet impactful metrics matter and take them back to your dealership to see real change.

About Mike Haeg

VP of Automotive – Car Wars

Mike is the Vice President of Automotive at Car Wars. His goal is to help dealers use simple processes and strategies to Own The Phone in order to see a boost in their bottom line. He joined Car Wars in 2010 and with almost a decade in the automotive industry, he's worked closely with the nation's largest dealer groups, single-point dealers, CRMs, marketing agencies and everything in between.

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