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Oct. 16, 2018


DealerTalkx 2018: The Agile Dealership

This year at DealerTalkx it’s all about shifting your dealership into high gear. You'll learn about navigating the twists and turns of transitioning, change management, strategizing, and ultimately succeeding just in time for the next phase. Hands on workshops with real educators will help you steer your dealership through periods of rapid change and development as well as quickly responding to societal, workforce and industry issues.


Montreal 2018
8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome
9:10 AM Morning Keynote: Philippe Bertrand
10:10 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM Morning Workshop: Rohn Jackson and Mike Haeg
11:30 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Afternoon Workshop: Rohn Jackson and Mike Haeg
1:30 PM Networking Break
1:45 PM Afternoon Keynote: Doug Lipp
3:00 PM Closing
3:15 PM Networking Reception

Missed the conference?
Get up to speed with our conference live blog.


2 rue de la Commune Ouest
Montréal, QC H2Y 4B2

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