Why your car dealership website needs a bot

Many car dealership websites have installed a live chat system to help meet online customer needs. But with the growing popularity of chatbots among consumers, it may be time to consider an upgrade that can further boost customer service, and that can save time and money. Here’s a look at why chatbots are becoming a worthy consideration, according to MarketingProfs blogger Laura Forer:

  • • An infographic presented by Comm100 and based on U.S. data reveals that 61 per cent of consumers see chatbots, for customer service use, as “the way of the future.”
  • • As it stands, nearly 50 per cent of consumers currently engage in automated discussions with chatbots.
  • • 80 per cent of organizations recognize that artificial intelligence (such as what is implemented in chatbots) is “important.”
  • • 61 per cent of those organizations plan to include (or continue to incorporate) AI into their customer experience.

In terms of monetary value:

  • • Nearly 30 per cent of customer service positions in the U.S. could be facilitated through chatbots, along with other types of technology currently available on the market.
  • • Within the next five years, it is predicted that chatbots will be dealing with 75-90 per cent of customer service questions.
  • • Chatbots are also predicted to save up to $0.70 per transaction within the same timeframe.
  • • And they currently account for $20 million in business cost savings around the globe. By 2022, this technology is expected to help reduce business costs by $8 billion annually.

So, are chatbots a worthy consideration? Many would say yes.