Why some bad reviews are good for business

Dealers work hard to earn positive reviews for their business, but aiming for the ultimate five-star review across the board shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. In fact, according to Kissmetrics blogger Neil Patel, negative reviews are also important as they can help your business grow — and here’s why:

Overview: Consumer dependence towards online ratings and reviews are growing. This has been confirmed by studies much like the 2017 report by Power Reviews, which states that 97 per cent of users read product reviews prior to making a purchase decision. And 85 per cent of users specifically look for negative reviews to help them make informed decisions before buying a product. That number is even higher for consumers aged 18-29.

Benefits of bad reviews: Too many positive reviews can make the testimonials seem fake, whereas a few negative reviews can enhance the authenticity and trustworthiness of the comments in the eyes of the consumer. Users also want a sense of the worst-case scenario.

Top review sites: The most trusted review websites, such as Yelp, have strict rules and regulations. Getting an extra rating star from them is equivalent to a 5-9 per cent revenue boost, says Patel, who adds that it is “an impressive but dangerous correlation.”

Don’t ignore negative reviews. Remember, the majority of them are good for business, depending on the nature of the comment. Instead, create a plan before responding to them, since 51.7 per cent of consumers expect businesses to reply to their negative comments within a week. This means you’ll need to act fast — and your response must be constructive.