Website popups that actually work

Many users are often annoyed by website popups, depending on where they appear, the frequency of their appearance, and of course how difficult it is to close the browser window. However, there are some examples of cases that are considered “legitimately cool,” according to Unbounce blogger Oli Gardner. Some of them even include augmented reality. Here’s a look at a few examples:

Augmented reality postcard: Unbounce sent users a postcard with an image, message and URL. The users visited the URL and landed on a page that asked them to scan a printed copy of the postcard. You’ll be asked to grant access to your laptop camera, then hold the postcard in front of the camera. Users then enjoyedy an AG animation.

Social referral welcome: Some popups are more about the message and CTA than the image. Another example from Unbounce starts with “Hello there, I see you found our blog post on Twitter,” then leads to a quote that says “maybe later a new interactive model for ecommerce entrance popups” and ends with the message: “…You might like our new popups product” in capital letters. The message concludes with a “Tell me more about popups” and “Show me the blog post, please” CTA button.

Social sharing: Another example of an interesting popup is one that prompts users to share their content on social media. “If you liked this post, would you share it on Twitter for us, please?” And then include the tweet in question directly below, followed by a CTA button that reads, “Click to Tweet this blog post.” All of these messages include a photo on the left- or right-hand side of the popup.

Gardner also notes that a “Joke of the day” popup can also be fun. Most importantly, however, is to ensure the popup only shows up once and does not appear every time the user refreshes the page. This can easily frustrate users and send them packing.