Use content marketing to nurture your leads

There are many ways to nurture your leads using content marketing, according to Brooke B. Sellas, a contributing columnist to Mark Schaeffer’s Grow blog. She offers an easy, do-it-yourself approach that any business can implement, so long as they have the basics. Here’s a look at some of her suggestions:

The basics include:

  • - A social media presence on one or more channels;
  • - A blog post;
  • - Email marketing software or advertising knowledge;
  • - Retargeting pixel on your website,
  • - A free app, report/case study/original research, or consultation as your lead magnet.

Depending on the social channel, some platforms offer the ability to setup a “pixel” that will allow you to keep track of events or actions on your website, says Sellas. An example of the types of actions you can track are: Lead, Purchase, Complete Registration, Add Payment Info, Search, View Content and more. The pixel essentially collects data or insights about how consumers use your website.

Content marketing steps:

  • - In your blog post, add a link or call-to-action to your lead magnet.
  • - Use email marketing or retargeting to promote and sell your product and service (new or used cars, service offers, etc.) The subject of your blog post needs to be connected to the product or service being promoted. For example, a service offer to change your winter tires should connect to a blog post about exactly that.
  • - As your list of subscribers continues to grow, send them a thank you email that includes a 10 or 20 per cent discount for a product or service — one that expires within a certain timeframe (such as 60 or 90 days).
  • - Once your list has grown, Sellas suggest using the data or insights from your pixel to send advertisements (about changing your winter tires) to every user that lands on your blog post.
  • - Upload your list of subscribers to your main social media channel (the one you’re most active on), create a custom audience, and send your winter tire service ads to them.
  • - Find another, similar audience to the one you’re sending these ads to and send them ads as well. This will allow you to reach new potential readers, subscribers and clients, says Sellas.

This simple approach to nurturing leads with content marketing is a great way to introduce users to products or services — and especially ones that may be less popular at your dealership, such as a vehicle inspection for clients with cars that are no longer under the warranty.