Toronto dealers loved DealerTalkx

Dealers at Toronto’s DealerTalkx event say this year’s event was a big hit. “This event was different, I cried, I hugged the speakers, it was very personal,” says Hadeel Hijazieh, Marketing Director at Ontario Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, a returning visitor to the event.

Dealers were excited with the quality of this year’s speakers, and with learning some new digital marketing tips and tricks they can use when they return to their dealerships.

“I was hoping to get strategies about where the industry is headed and the issues that are there,” says Jolene Donatelli, Sales Manager at General Motors of Canada. “We talk about them in broad strokes, but being able to get actionable items that we can take away and start to implement is great. I definitely got that today.”

Donatelli says she particularly enjoyed the presentation about improving response to phone leads by Cassie Broemmer, from Car Wars. CRISP stands for Connect, Request, Invite, Set and Pursue and is a process for converting more phone leads to sales. “CRISP was a really good acronym to walk away with. When you are on the customer side of things it's not that flawless. We might think we have internal processes in place, but the customer experience isn’t there,” says Donatelli.

Kamran Khaden from Bell Auto Inc. says he enjoyed the Kijiji Autos announcement about a dedicated site just for car shoppers. “The thing that I really liked was the unveiling of Kijiji Autos, because as an independent dealer a lot of our customers aren't going to Kijiji to look for a car. They are there to look for shoes, shirts anything, so now that they made a platform strictly for cars it really helps differentiate.”