Tips to improve your email marketing

Email marketing requires effective management and regular oversight, according to Blue Fountain Media blogger Jasmyn Jarnigan. Without it, campaign performance tends to dwindle due to missed opportunities for optimization. Here are a few tips on how marketers can better managed and execute their email campaigns:

Goals: Email marketing often lacks specific goals, which need to be informed by business objectives. “Absent context is practically useless,” says Jarnigan, who adds that one must include “clear, measurable goals” that are relevant to your current campaign.

List segmentation: Email marketing success depends greatly on proper list segmentation, which ensures that consumers receive an email that is relevant to their needs and interests. Nowadays, they also expect the email to be more personalized.

Distribution schedule: It’s important to maintain a schedule that is strategically implemented. This means that distribution times should be tested and optimized — so consider which day of the week, time of day and mailing frequency works best for your audience.

Interesting content: There is no substitute for interesting content that keeps the user both entertained and informed. In a world with constant distractions, that is what today’s reader wants and must receive. So, just make sure that whatever you write about is worth emailing about.

CTAs, matching intent: Your email needs to include a CTA to guide the user as to what they should do next. And it needs to be done in an enticing way that allows the user to correctly understand what will happen when they click on the CTA.

To reap the rewards of a successful email marketing campaign, marketers first need to do their research and set the stage for the user to connect and explore.