It’s time to set up Google Analytics

Mastering Google Analytics is an important step to getting started with attribution, says Kevin Gordon, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Convertus. Gordon took the stage during Kijiji’s 2017 DealerTalkx event in Calgary to discuss the importance of attribution and how it can help dealers make smarter marketing decisions.

The problem is that not many dealers have Google Analytics set up — or at least not in a way that helps them benefit from attribution.

“Very few dealers have Google Analytics goals, events, and referrals traffic properly configured,” says Gordon. “This is essential if you want to generate meaningful attribution reports within GA.”

The average car shopper makes 139 searches on Google before purchasing a vehicle, according to Gordon. This means that dealers need to maximize their digital marketing efforts to reach these consumers.

Attribution is one way to do this — but there are several models to consider and not all of them give credit to the team as a whole. Dealers need to consider the assists that help move the sale along, rather than sticking to a model that gives all the credit to one person, Gordon says.

He demonstrated this during his energetic presentation by calling on the audience to participate in a short exercise.

He had the participants in the back row search for a prize under their table. Once they discovered a box with a toy gun, they were instructed to pass it to the row in front of them, who then passed it along to those seated up front. The people sitting in front were the ones who were allowed to keep the prize.

“You all assisted, but no one gets any value or credit in that final transaction,” Gordon said in reference to the last two rows of participants.

Most dealers (probably 95 per cent of them) use the attribution model last click, according to Gordon. This model assigns 100 per cent of the value — not to the team — but to the person that makes the final transaction.

Focusing on attribution and assists is a step towards making better digital marketing decisions, which in turn can help dealers take advantage of the online car shopping community.

Organized by Kijiji, Canada’s largest online classifieds site, the theme of DealerTalkx 2017 is “Dealership of the future.” The Calgary, Alta. event is held Oct. 17, followed by an event in Toronto, Ont. Nov. 16.