Three ways social media matters

There are many ways to distribute print and digital content, but when it comes to the latter option — social media is one of the simplest, most powerful and cost-effective ways to do it, according to Influence&CO blogger Chelsea Branscum. She offers three convincing points on how an active social media presence can really pay off.

  1. 1. Content reach

  2. Social media will help spread your content father and wider within the digital realm. This is because you’ll be reaching audiences “where they live,” says Branscum, adding that you’ll need to post high-quality content to get their attention. This can include anything from your latest blog post to a webinar promotion or an article about your brand published in a major media outlet.
  3. 2. Audience engagement

  4. Social media platforms are a great place to engage with potential customers, but it needs to be done consistently if you want to stay on their mind. Regular posting of quality content can lead to more shares, engagement and impressions on your social accounts.
  5. 3. The human touch

  6. It’s also important to share content that you personally find interesting, engaging or useful, as these actions will help to humanize your dealership’s brand. It’s a great way to keep potential customers happy, knowing there’s a person being the company.

Overall, the success of your content marketing strategy will depend on “how well you’re able to get that content you’ve created in front of the right people at the right time,” says Branscum.