Three trends that will change social media

This year, marketers are actively watching various digital marketing trends to see which ones will have an impact on social media. HubSpot blogger Sophia Bernazzani presents five examples of what she believes will change social this year, and how they will leave a mark:

Live video: This type of content is expected to continue to grow in 2018. Research shows that live video (posted on social media channels) generates six times more engagement than the alternative. They are more sharable and the potential to receive comments and Likes is much greater than non-live video content.

Messaging apps: This form of content is expected to become an increasingly important communication method. In fact, Bernazzani uses the word “critical” to describe it’s growth among users worldwide. Apps are currently used by 4 billion users around the globe. Dealerships can use apps to leverage this enormous worldwide presence and improve customer service in a potentially more cost-effective manner.

Virtual reality: This trend already has a foot in the door and it’s making its way into more marketing experiences. Its popularity is predicted to quickly climb the ladder throughout the year, leading to an estimated 18 per cent boost in revenue and a 25 per cent increase in units sold, says Bernazzani. Take a look at TOMS 360-degree Virtual Giving Trip as an example of a VR marketing initiative.

Other trends that are expected to have an impact on social media are added channels, voice search and artificial intelligence. More channels may make it difficult to monetize content, and voice search and AI have the potential to alter the way consumers discover brands and content.