Must-know short and simple sales tips

Hubspot blogger Aja Frost has collected 81 one-sentence sales tips that every sales representative should know to remain in “peak selling shape.” She hopes those reading the tips will find some words of wisdom in the list she has provided. Here are a few of her examples:

For prospective sales:

  • - You can generate more leads if you keep track of “less-obvious trigger” events, such as significant shifts in hiring, changes in executive leadership roles, and new industry legislation.

  • - Try using multiple channels to prospect. This includes things like phone, email, social media, events and referrals.

For email sales:

  • - It’s important to keep your email subject lines under seven words, because that is the maximum number that will appear on a mobile phone. This is also where nearly half of your potential customers/subscribers will open up their email messages.

  • - Always ensure that you have personalized two things before sending an email to a potential customer. This does not include the customer’s name or the company’s name.

  • - The emails you sent to potential and current customers should not appear as if you are rambling on, because they will perceive you as insecure. Keep it short and simple.

  • - Whenever you send a “check in” or “follow up” email to a subscriber, include a reason for reaching out, and add a clear call-to-action.

These are only a few of the suggestions that Frost has collected, but they can certainly help any sales representative or marketer better connect with potential customers.