Why multi-channel marketing matters

Do you use a multi channel marketing strategy to drive awareness, conversions and sales at your dealership? It makes sense. The channels available to you are growing rapidly. And by coordinating your campaigns to span multiple channels, you can leverage a number of opportunities, says business2community blogger Will Fraser. These include:

  • - Encouraging customers to make more purchase decisions;
  • - Collecting more data;
  • - Expanding brand awareness online and offline

Fraser outlines a number of key points to consider.

The whats

Multi channel marketing means always being where the customers are, says Fraser. Whether it’s an emerging channel or an established one, if your customers are using it, you need to be there.

The strategy hinges upon consumer choice, he says, and follows three fundamentals:

  • - Understand your audience. Be attentive to customer preferences — and willing and able to act across all channels to reach users in the right time and place.

  • - Target your messaging at key moments. Messages must be hyper-relevant to cut through all the noise out there. And they should be delivered in a way that is authentic and trustworthy.

  • - Automate campaigns. Automation solutions let you choreograph campaigns, while collecting customer data. You can send triggered messages and follow-up responses.

The whys

Immediate benefits you can expect, according to Fraser, include:

  • - Increased brand awareness;
  • - Improved conversions;
  • - Higher revenues;
  • - Better customer knowledge;
  • - Expanded content reach;
  • - Elevated brand consistency.

Fraser backs up his claims with links to stats showing how businesses are increasing sales with multi channel marketing, and why customers prefer it.

The hows

For this, you’ll have to go to the full blog post, where Fraser provides some real-life examples of retail brands that are getting multi channel marketing right.

Brands that he says are leading the way to truly coordinated multi channel strategies include Oreo, Apple and ASOS. Find out how they do it in Fraser's full blog post.