Marketing to moms: what you need to know

According to Social Media Today blogger Andrew Hutchinson, mother’s are an “extremely influential demographic.” There are many reasons for this, but one of them may be that they are becoming increasingly active online. Here are a few points to consider for dealerships and other businesses looking to target this particular group in their digital marketing ads and campaigns:

  • - Based on women in the U.S., research shows that a little more than 55 per cent of moms feel that marketers don’t really understand them. What is causing this dissatisfaction? Based on a survey, the issue stems from a disconnect between how mothers are portrayed by brands, and how they see themselves. They see motherhood as “an emotionally complex role” — not a job.

  • - They are avid Internet users due to its ability to offer a source of entertainment and a place for them to connect socially. More than 95 per cent of moms use the Internet, spending an average of 3.5 hours online each day.

  • - The most popular devices used by mothers to access the Internet are: the smartphone (55 per cent), the desktop computer (36 per cent), and the tablet (9 per cent). Data shows that they are also increasingly mobile-first.

  • - 63 per cent of moms use the mobile device as a way to connect with the social world due their busy lives with children or work, children and family in general.

  • - Of the 90 per cent of mothers in the U.S. that use social media, about 49 per cent of them check their accounts multiple times a day. Moms also spend an average of 2.25 hours on social platforms each day.

Mothers enjoy posting updates, not just about their lives, but visual content as well. They are an important group for marketers to target, especially as they begin to connect more with brands through digital means.