Keys to improving your marketing strategy

There are a lot of things that dealers can do to improve their digital marketing strategy, but understanding what actually guides that strategy is key to finding success. According to Mark Schaefer, there are three words you need to know: relevant, superior and consistent. Here’s what that means:

Relevant: Today’s digital marketing, and marketing in general, caters to consumers that look for relevance. You need to provide them with meaning and maybe even a sense of belonging. In other words, your product needs to “occupy some defined, differentiated space in their lives,” says Schaefer, who urges us to consider what the product means, stands for and how is it relevant to the consumer.

Superior: This goes without saying but providing a superior product or service to your customers, that helps you stand out from the crowd, is a must. For dealers, this doesn’t necessarily mean the vehicles you’re selling, but your marketing message, customer service and vehicle service in general needs to be top-notch. Otherwise, “Move forward or become replaced,” says Schaefer.

Consistent: Seeing or connecting with your digital marketing needs to be feel like a habit for consumers. It needs to be something that interweaves with the fabric of a customer’s life. What does this mean? Be where they are, be available when the are, and be reliable in every way, format and channel you appear on.

Changing consumers needs demand that dealers look to new mediums in the digital world to promote their products in a way that connects them with their customers, and differentiates them from their competition. It may seem challenging, but knowing what your strategy needs is definitely a good start.