Is employee advocacy the new influencer marketing?

Employee advocacy is a cost-effective, scalable alternative to influencer marketing, according to a recent Kruse Control blog post. Here’s why you should think about bringing some of your dealership employees to the content creation table.

Employees are perceived by your customers as ‘people like me.’

That’s because they know your customers. They’re on the front lines with them every day. And they’re typically more trusted than corporate leaders who have a more vested interest.

Some studies referenced in the blog show that:

  • • Content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.
  • • Brand messages reach 561 per cent further when share by employees, than when shared through official brand channels.
  • • 98 per cent of employees use at least one social media channel for personal use — and 50 per cent already post about the companies they work for.
  • • 21 per cent of consumers report ‘liking’ employee posts — a far higher engagement rate than many social ads.

When your employees leverage their own unique experiences, great content -- richer, more well-rounded, and met with more engagement — can result.

What’s in it for you

When you enable high-reach employees with high quality content and messaging, you can expect to benefit from:

  • • increased web traffic;
  • • improved lead quality;
  • • further reach;
  • • enhanced online reputation.

What’s in it for them

Employees benefit too, by participating in your social media/content marketing efforts. Employee advocacy increases their knowledge and keeps them focused on helping customers and prospects. They are perceived as thought leaders or authorities on your dealership’s products or services. And they contribute more to your dealership’s success.

Find out more about how employee advocacy is becoming the new influencer marketing in the full blog post here.