Interactive advertising trends to watch for

The increase in mobile usage has pushed businesses to discover how they can do more with less when it comes to screen space and digital advertisements, according to Marketing Land blogger Ginny Marvin. The path to success, it seems, is through various forms of creative, interactive ads that offer the perfect opportunity to spend more valuable time with consumers. Here are a few real-world examples for dealers to consider:

  1. 1. Next-level display ads: When Timberland teamed up with PadSquad to create a digital “colouring book,” his ad garnered more than 200,000 engagements (including colouring and click-throughs) in less than 40 days. The ad included a Nas video asking users “to colour and bring the cartoon to life,” says Marvin. Colouring a vehicle could be an interesting concept for dealers to promote a new model.

  2. 2. 360-degree video:
    Honda used LoopMe to create an ad that would get a user’s phone to vibrate when a car engine started. They used the same program to let consumers digitally experience the interior of a vehicle.

  3. 3. Augmented Reality:
    AR is becoming more and more popular with users, and companies like Facebook, Snapchat and Samsung and helping to move it forward. Another example of a company pushing AR forward is Vertebrae. They offer five web AR ad templates, including Virtual Try On for accessories, Dynamic Experience Mask for facial recognition, and Interior World View for inside 360 image and video. Vertebrae, Facebook, Snapchat and Samsung are among several companies watching this growing trend and preparing to capture a piece of the market.

Other interactive ads to consider are virtual reality, data-driven personalized videos, and interactive in-app and app install ads. Many of these suggestions are still in their infancy, but they are growing in popularity. Dealers should keep an eye on these trends to understand what their digital marketing strategy might one-day entail.