How to play the customer loyalty game

By now, car dealers around the world understand the importance of boosting customer loyalty through digital means. But are they implementing the right tactics? Here’s an overview of what businesses should be doing to improve their competitive edge in this area, according to HubSpot blogger Sophia Bernazzani:


We all know it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. It makes sense, considering that existing customers spend 67 per cent more than new ones. Loyal customers spend more on brands they like more. And they put word-of-mouth marketing (verbally- and digitally-speaking) to good use by telling their family and friends about their positive experiences.


If you already have a customer loyalty program in place, there’s always room for improvement or expansion. Re-working your VIP program to create a tier-style system, or creating something around your customers’ values (such as supporting a specific charity), are also worth considering. But ensuring you have some sort of loyalty program is always a good base.

You can also turn your loyalty program into a game, which can both encourage repeat customers and help boost your brand image.

Being generous can also go a long way. For example, your customers shouldn’t feel like your discounts, offers, benefits and loyalty programs are just another scheme to get them to spend more money (even if it is). Instead, all of these things need to show your customers their value to your brand. It’s as if they would be foolish not to be connected in some way to your brand.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to share your offers, program information or customer benefits with your social media users. Help them spread the word and share their positive experiences far and wide.