How to get email subscribers without annoying website visitors

Don’t neglect your email list in your quest for new content marketing strategies to put in place at your dealership. Email marketing is crucial and should remain a core part of your marketing foundation says QuickSprout’s Neil Patel. But you need a lot of subscribers for your email campaigns to work. How do you constantly add more subscriber to your list without annoying website visitors?

Here are some of Patel’s top tips:

Add a sidebar to your homepage: A sidebar on your homepage is a great place to include an email opt-in form. The size,  placement and location of the opt-in button on the sidebar should be subtle, yet clear and legible. The sidebar can also appear on pages in addition to your homepage.

Create a separate landing page: A separate landing page makes it easier to promote your email list through other marketing channels, such as social media. You can provide a link to this page, rather than to your homepage.

Trigger pop-ups when visitors display an intent to exit: Don’t annoy visitors by having a pop-up appear within the first few seconds of landing on your website. Software is available that lets you set a pop-up to appear when a visitor displays an exit intent.

Pin a sticky bar to all of your pages: Sticky bars get placed at the top of the page and remain in place as users scroll. It isn’t intrusive and doesn’t disrupt the browsing experience.

Place subscribe boxes at the bottom of your content: By the time they navigate and scroll to the bottom of your page, visitors will be more familiar with your dealership. It’s a good chance to tell them you have an email list.

Offer an incentive to subscribe: If you offer website visitors a discount for providing their email address, you increase the chances that they’ll opt-in.

Patel offers more tips, plus links to more info and examples of some companies that are getting it right. Find the full blog post here.