Got an hour? Spend it on digital marketing

So many digital marketing tasks, so little time. Is it possible to get them all done in a single day, every day? How about in a single hour? Sound time management allows you to do just that, according to blogger Ronald Dod.

Here’s how he divvies up the hour:

Search engine optimization (15 minutes)

Use tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs to help determine keyword phrases, then make sure each page is optimized for them by meta title, meta description, header tag, body content and URL. Keep up SEO efforts with fresh content.

Conversion rate optimization (10 minutes)

Keep up to date by reading on article on CRO every day. Work with your website provider to make revisions and incorporate relevant best practices.

Social Media (10 minutes)

Post content, reply to customers and follow/like other businesses and potential customers. You can post content weekly and devote the rest of the time to scouting customers or replying to then.

PPC (15 minutes)

Here, Dod has a four-step checklist:
• Create one new Ad Group of 10 similar phases to target;
• Create five new ads to replace low performing ads;
• Put in 1-5 new negative keywords from low performing ads;
• Pause any low performing ads and ad groups and adjust as necessary.

Reviews (10 minutes)

Positive reviews are your most powerful tactic. Spend some time personally emailing past customers and ask them to share their experiences.

Email marketing (30 minutes — bi-weekly)

Every other week, sit down, pick a good template and give value to your customers through email marketing. Give advice and content they can sink their teeth into.

Even if digital marketing is only one of the hats you wear at your dealership, by devoting one hour a day to it, you should be able to accomplish your goals, says Dod. Find his full blog at Small Business Trends.