Five stats to help you navigate social video

Integrating video in social media is no longer an option but a must, according to GetResponse blogger Victor Blasco. He’s also the founder and CEO of explainer video company Yum Yum Videos, and considers video content to be “the present and future of online marketing, no questions asked.” Blasco offers five actionable social video stats to get you moving in the right direction — now:

  1. 1. Videos are watched without sound

  • - 85 per cent of Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off.

You need to make it easy for your audience to consume video content without having to turn the volume on. The best way to do this is to add subtitles to your videos.

  1. 2. Users stay tuned for under a minute

  • - 65 per cent of users who make it to the first three seconds of a Facebook video will continue to watch for at least 10 seconds, and 45 per cent will watch for 30 seconds.

To keep consumers engaged, the length of your social media videos should hover around the one-minute mark. Users want to like and share content quickly before scrolling down to the next thing, Blasco says. He also suggests putting the most important information at the beginning of your video.

  1. 3. Most Twitter videos are viewed on mobile

  • - 93 per cent of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile devices.

Since the majority of people on Twitter are mobile users, it’s important that you optimize your videos for this particular platform. Keep them short and to the point, use vertical videos, and include subtitles and captions.

  1. 4. Videos are more popular than photos

  • - Social videos are six times more likely to get retweeted than photos, and are three times more likely to be retweeted than GIF images and animations.

When posting video content on Twitter, Blasco says native videos get the most retweets and interaction from users. According to a 2015 analysis by Twitter: native videos drive 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more retweets, and 1.9 times more favourites than third party players.

  1. 5. Users watch live videos longer, comment more

  • - Facebook Live videos are viewed three times longer and are commented on by users 10 times more than regular videos.

These videos, which typically rank higher on Facebook in the newsfeed, are a great way to interact with consumers. Blasco suggests using them for customer tutorials or trying a behind-the-scenes approach to marketing, among many other possibilities.

Video content is an important part of the digital marketing conversation. And based on the above statistics, it should provide dealers with a satisfying reward.