Five factors key to digital campaign success

Creating a sound digital marketing campaign involves a lot more than using catchy words and fancy images, says blogger Jess Kaur in a recent  ITProPortal blog post. Kaur offers the following five factors to consider. Is your dealership focusing on all of them?

  1. 1. Focus on website speed optimisation: A webpage’s loading speed is most important. How quickly your server handles the http request determines the fate of your business in the online world. You can check how to increase your website’s speed by going to Google’s page speed optimisation tool.

  2. 2. Focus on conversion rate:
    If your website isn’t converting into sales, traffic and keyword ranking are meaningless. You need to go beyond basic website optimization techniques to improve your website’s conversion rate.

  3. 3. Produce in-depth content:
    Get more traffic by featuring in Google’s Snippets results. Some easy ways to rank include producing content by:
  • • targeting user queries;
  • • targeting long tail keywords;
  • • using a question format, such as how, why, etc; and
  • • using proper formatting with H1, H2, bullet points and numbering.

  1. 4. Focus on brand building:
    Some ways to convert traffic into potential customers include:
  • • Build profiles on authentic sources;
  • • Ask your customers to leave reviews on different platforms;
  • • Build a strong social media presence on different channels; and
  • • Connect with large brands through content marketing and advertising.

  1. 5. Choose your paid advertising platform carefully:
    Google AdWords and Facebook account for 85 per cent of every new dollar spent on digital advertising, according to research. Each platform caters to specific audiences and intentions. Be sure to understand where your audience is most active when investing in paid advertising.

Kaur’s full blog post offers more info on each of the five factors, plus links to research and some pro tips. Find it here.