Five customer retention strategies that actually work

Customer retention can feel like a challenge when consumer demands begin to change, and what they previously valued in your business has shifted. Luckily, Help Scout blogger Eli Overbey has created a list of strategies that can help keep customers coming back. Here’s what he suggests:

  1. 1. Positive social proof: This is one of the most effective things you can do to get people to pay attention to your brand. Including a testimonial section on your website, for example, is one such method.

  2. 2. Reduce paint points, friction:
    Using terminology that reassures the customer rather than stresses them out is a sure way to reduce friction.

  3. 3. Capture product momentum:
    Whenever there are improvements made to a service, product or your specific retail location, you want your customers to be as excited as you are. This means sharing your work, and that can be done through digital mediums like social media, your website, and other online venues.

  4. 4. Forget selling — educate:
    Today’s consumer wants to be educated, so don’t push them away with the pressure of a sale. Educate them and provide them with new, useful information instead.

  5. 5. Say thank you:
    We mentioned this in a previous blog: the power of “thank you” via an email, for example, can do wonders for customer retention. This is because it has the potential of making your customers feel special and cared for. It’s also a good, minimal necessity to relationship building.

Other tactics to consider are the importance of personalizing your messages, choosing quality over speed, ensuring you have selected the right digital platform for your message, and rewarding your loyal advocates so they feel appreciated and noticed.